About Wardette


The nickname wardette...

is one that still makes me smile.. It started as an endearing way to refer to me as the mini version of my older brother, Wardy, and it stuck. It also happens to be the name of a gorgeous little vintage camera that stole my heart. Could I really shoot under any other name?


...What's your story?

I've taken my sweet time getting to this place in my life, professionally and personally. I spent some incredible years in academia, studying, tutoring and writing in Art History and Visual Culture. During those years, I was regularly working to commission as an artist too. I had London exhibitions and sold internationally.


To enable me to do all of this though, I had to work for a living. I assisted my photographer father, Tony Ward, for many many years, and learnt my craft in the old-school apprentice way.

No lessons, no books, no tests- just learning on the job,

at the top the industry for some for the biggest magazines in the country.

For this reason, I am, and have been, hands down, the luckiest girl-with-a-camera EVER.

It's probably why photography has always felt like an instinct to me, not a hobby or a lesson. It's like I've always known how to shoot, even before I held a camera.


...So What now?

I still team up with my Dad whenever I can, and work for these big publications on high profile weddings. But working with clients privately, and on a more personal level, has been the most rewarding shift in my career.


People are the ALL in my work. I've cultivated a love for still life, and a passion for setting.. but I will never find anything that beats my fascination with character and chemistry.

Find a way to capture people with all their quirks and unguarded emotion, and you will never want to shoot anything else.

Working with clients on their weddings and portraits has been the perfect way for me to indulge this passion, and to continue meeting and collaborating with awesome people. Telling people's stories, be they their new borns, baby bumps, weddings, portraits adventures.. anything.. is absolutely what it's all about. I get to connect to people and enable them to express their lives and selves through images, and

it's that connection which makes my job such a joy, sometimes with a giggle and SOMETIMES with a tear.


...get in touch!

Most of these brilliant stories, captured here in my portfolio, have started over a pint in a pub or a coffee and a chat- so get in touch.

I'm an unashamed romantic and an over-excited creative. Any opportunity to chat about these things is always enthusiastically taken!



"...Sensitive people faced with the prospect of a camera portrait put on a face they

think is the one they would like to show to the world... 

Every so often what lies behind the facade is rare and more wonderful than the subject knows or dares to believe..."


Irving penn