Alone in the Woods... With a Hobo.

This week's blog welcomes you with a big bluesy musical hug, in the shape of Hobo Chic singing Hozier's beautiful 'To Be Alone' deep in the woods, barefoot and completely live.


There is zero editing in this video. His performance is entirely raw and honest; captured by me, also barefoot, trying to navigate the woodland floor, mosses, fallen trees and all sorts.

But, for me, this just adds to the natural and organic feel of the song, the setting and the singer.

I will let Hobo sing it out to you this week, and will skip on the description.. videos tend to speak better for themselves, especially those with musicians...


I am working on some awesome projects out here in the French Alps, and can't wait to get shooting and sharing with you all. Hope you're enjoying your January, wherever you are!




PS Make sure to get your hands on HELLO MAGAZINE this week.. I photographed Alex Jone's gorgeous Welsh wedding at Cardiff Castle, and the spread in the mag is a stunner!